I am Blanka Kasza, senior consultant, coach and business analyst helping companies improve organizational effectiveness, drive productivity and enhance service excellence.

I help organizations

  • Improve, optimize and automate sales and service processes
  • Reduce process waste and operational costs
  • Implement excellence and transformation programs(business or digital)
  • Solve complex business problems to enhance service excellence and process efficiency
  • Help your team learn, implement and adopt continuous improvement and structured problem solving techniques
  • Implement practical and sustainable solutions
  • Understand, manage and implement change

I started my career Customer Services where I have acquired hands-on experience serving a portfolio of customers across EMEA and later led a small customer service team (UK&Ireland). From 2006 I served as a Six Sigma Black Belt in the Commercial Organization, supporting Sales Operations and Customer Services. Besides implementing large scale transformation programs my two main focus areas included the introduction and deployment of a regular customer feedback process(Net Promoter Score) that supported the strategic alignment of improvement projects based on customer feedback, and building up a Customer Service performance management system to ensure baseline measurements are in place, improvements and performance is tracked throughout the entire organization.

From 2010 I have served as a Master Black Belt leading a team of Black Belts and commercial trainers. I was responsible for the end-to-end continuous improvement strategy and execution, besides coaching and mentoring Black Belts and Green Belts getting certified through GE`s Corporate Six Sigma program. Since 2014 I have been working with diverse organizations (Philips, Swift) in quality and consulting roles, supporting organizations through their continuous improvement journey.

As I am passionate about how processes and technology work together, and considering the increasing needs for digital transformations I have started learning Salesforce and completed my Administrator certification in 2018.

What Continuous Improvement means to me…

Continuous Improvement to me always means opportunity. Opportunity to improve not only our processes, but ourselves and our lives by thriving for better outcomes every day. I believe in adding value by

o Understanding customer needs and including them in improvement and project strategies

o Inspiring people and the improvement culture with active listening and empathy

o Continuously improving organizational and process excellence

Mission and Vision

My mission is to support sales and services organizations become more productive, reach an optimized future state vision and enhance process excellence. I would like to help organizations learn, implement and adopt practical applications of continuous improvement and structured problem solving techniques.

I partner  with customer facing organizations supporting their unique set of challenges to provide excellent service meeting customer demand on time and with superior quality. By using a data-driven approach and taking into consideration the organization’s culture I help solving complex problems through offering practical solutions.


I approach every assignment with empathy and specializing solutions to fit organizational needs. I partner with leadership and internal teams to bring out the best in people every day. I back up business assumptions with the right data analysis, provide structured problem solving and set up implementation plans for long time success.

The three pillars I find very important are:

Understand the customer

By providing strategic guidance I support your organization to understand customer needs and learn how to incorporate customer feedback into your business improvement strategies. This step ensures the customer is put in the center of the CI initiative and both external and internal CTQs are linked to the project goals and objectives.

Inspire the Culture

Employees are at the heart of improving business processes and services for customers. Through creating an inspiring environment that is inclusive for all your team members I support them bringing out the best in themselves every day.

Excel Process Performance

I provide personalized services with my targeted consulting and coaching programs using continuous improvement methodologies to help improve and sustain operational excellence. My flexible programs ensure that critical milestones are met, and results are secured through superior execution.

How can I help you?

Contact me for a free consultation

Contact me for a free consultation