Lean Six Sigma Project Coaching

Lean Six Sigma Project Coaching

The most important part of an individual`s Six Sigma certification journey is the project completion phase where all pieces of the puzzle come together. A strategically selected and well-executed Six Sigma project enables project leaders to effectively build up their skills, use previously learned Six Sigma tools in practice thus solving real-life, complex business problems.

What makes a Six Sigma project successful? How do I make my project a success?

Some important points to consider when selecting a Six Sigma project for success:

  • Project selection and scope
  • Team selection and communication
  • Project leadership and strategy
  • Using the DMAIC framework
  • Effective change management
  • Well planned, executable improvement and control plan

How can a coach/mentor help? When do I need a coach?

Having a coach/mentor during completing your Six Sigma project can have multiple benefits like:

  • Connecting the dots between where you are and where you`d like to go with your project
  • Greater clarity on your project goals and objectives
  • Opportunity to learn and improve during project completion
  • Increased level of ownership and responsibility
  • Improve as an individual on both performance and behaviors
  • Increased ability to identify practical solutions and apply Six Sigma tools

You can find more detailed information on the available coaching packages under the Coaching Packages section or you can download the brochure from this page.

If you are not sure which package to choose or how to move forward with your project planning I would suggest to register for the FREE discussion first through the webshop.

The purpose of the free session is to find out

  • if you need a coach and how we can work together for shared success
  • next steps when applicable

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You can register for a non-obligatory coaching session(30`) here: https://kaszaconsulting.com/product/lean-six-sigma-black-belt-green-belt-project-summary-review-30/

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