Lean Six Sigma

Lean and Six Sigma in transactional environments

Lean and Six Sigma are household improvement methodologies that have proven to be successful in manufacturing organizations delivering large scale results. What about using Lean Six Sigma in transactional environments like sales and services organizations?

Why do I recommend using Lean Six Sigma in sales and services and what are the fundamental differences compared to a manufacturing environment? What to consider while improving processes in transactional environments?

  • Volume and complexity of transactions may vary
  • Defect definition and visibility
  • Dependency, and influence on other processes
  • Decision making, approvals
  • Organizational, process changes and handoffs

Using Lean Six Sigma in Sales Operations and Services organizations can improve

Their understanding customer requirements “at the customer, for the customer”

  • Understanding who the customer is and how the requirements defined
  • Including customer feedback into a continuous improvement strategy
  • The right improvement project to focus on
  • Make sure customer requirements are addressed across the entire value chain

Inspire the Continuous Improvement Culture

  • Encourage team members to use what they have learned on a daily basis further improving processes
  • Have the right talent and development culture in place
  • Manage and sustain change across the organization
  • Keep up the improved state by performance management

Excel Process Performance

  • Understand current state of processes and what needs to be improved
  • Translate process characteristics into measurable outputs
  • Put the right control plan in place and operationalize changes
  • Create a long term process management strategy

Typical Non- Value Added Activities, Wastes in Sales and Services organizations

  • Transportation: Inefficient files, Office ergonomy
  • Inventory: Invoices to be paid, Cases in queue, Incoming calls in queue
  • Motion: Looking for information, Jumping from one system to another
  • Waiting: Awaiting approval, Waiting for others, Handoffs
  • Overprocessing: Duplicate entries, Blocked Orders
  • Overproduction: Excess paperwork, Reports not use
  • Defects: Lost files, customer complaints, order and data entry errors, pricing errors

Why Lean Six Sigma? How Lean Six Sigma solves problems in transactional environments

While Lean provides an organized improvement strategy focusing on maximizing customer value and eliminate waste from operations, Six Sigma focuses on increasing process performance by reducing variation and eliminating defects. The combination of these powerful methodologies increases performance, improves product and process quality, supports growth and internal employee capabilities. Sales and service organizations can leverage diverse benefits from deploying Lean and Six Sigma to

  • Reduce overall cycle time by creating flow of activities, removing waste, non-value added steps and reducing variation
  • Increase customer satisfaction by including voice of the customer and customer demand into the project strategy
  • Promote teamwork and inclusiveness where business experts work together on a shared goal of improving processes and eliminating silos
  • Enhance end-to-end process quality by eliminating defects and streamlining processes

I work with sales operations and services organizations to help continuously improve their processes and develop in-house capabilities to to sustain the improved state.

I provide sustainable solutions for multiple areas of a business in a practical and actionable way by:

  • Reviewing specific business process areas to help identify key improvement areas and translate customer critical attibutes to select right project and scope to work on
  • Setting up and deploying a Lean Six Sigma program using the DMAIC methodology
  • Using strategic problem solving techniques to identify and eliminate repetitive issues
  • Set up a sustainable and actionable control plan to operationalize results using strategic KPIs and performance management

Interested? Ready to work with me? I would love to help your organization improve and thrive for service excellence. For detailed program descriptions please download the brochure.