What I do

Improvement Strategy and Deployment

A structured approach allows a timely and effective implementation improving the right processes with the maximum impact to organizational growth.

Process inefficiencies take away the time from innovating and growing your business. Effective processes and resource alignment allows your organization to focus on what really matters.

Improve your value stream by identifying and eliminating non-value added activities and process inefficiencies.

Structured Problem Solving

Focused improvements target specific process areas that can be improved on a shorter period of time. It works well for organizations who are just starting out on their improvement journey or planning a pilot project.

Root cause analysis techniques help organizations understand the sources of defects, eliminate and prevent repetitive issues.

Complex projects bring different departments and team members together. We help cross-functional alignment on goals, metrics and implementation details to ensure project success for all teams involved.

Process Excellence for Digital Transformation

Find the balance between utilizing standard system features, potential customization and streamlined processes.

Aligning organizational priorities, process flows and system offerings through effective use case design allows your company to make the best out of a new system deployment.

New system design not only changes efficiency and the way of working but also human behavior. the right user adoption and change management strategies ensure a seamless transition.

Performance Management

Make your organization successful by understanding and empowering team and individual motivation.

Most organizations work intensely on understanding, translating and connecting their performance metrics to their business goals and objectives. Having the right strategy in place ensures better adoption through all levels of the organization.

Bringing it all together ensures organizational efficiency and overall business success.

Industry Specific Solutions

Streamline processes by setting the right priorities, improvement and performance plan. Improve your operations by eliminating inefficiences and having optimized resources in place.

Support your sales team and business growth by increasing selling time and value added activities. Align with other internal functions to free up selling and customer facing time.

Leverage improvement opportunities , streamline key processes and reduce manual work in regulated environments.

Project Mentoring and 1-on-1 Coaching

We have specialize in improving business performance in a variety of industries and support complex improvement projects.

We support individuals with their unique improvement ideas and help to position them for project success.

Improvement projects bring teams to the spotlight but we find that executive team members are key to success. We support project sponsors and key stakeholders through coaching strategies to ensure project benefits are realized.



Faster Operations


Increased Effectiveness


Improved Quality

How It Works

Step 1 - Discovery

The initial discovery phase allows us to understand client requirements, potential scope, engagement type and assignment length.  It is also an opportunity to find out if we are the best service providers for reaching your goals.

Step 2 - Engagement Agreement

Once the scope, engagement type and length is agreed we formalize it in an engagement agreement and set up assignment timeline for expected completion.

Step 3 - Service Delivery

We work with your team and deliver the assignment based on the agreed scope, resources and timeline.

Step 4 - Operations Support

This step allows companies to ask for support after delivery when a support agreement is in place.