Improve Business Processes by completing KAIZEN Events

The Kaizen approach creates a continuous improvement environment by concentrating on making small, positive changes resulting in major improvements in a short amount of time. Kaizen fosters collaboration, and supports an ongoing, inspiring continuous improvement culture.

Kaizen events are focused short duration improvement projects aiming to improve a specific process. They are typically a week long, completed by a diverse team of process experts.

Kaizen Event benefits in transactional environments

Process improvement

  • Understanding how the current process works, what works well and what doesn`t work well
  • Allows teams to build a more effective future state process model in a shorter timeframe
  • Simple process, allows continuous improvement in small increments
  • Produces long term results with a fast pace improvement technique
  • Multiple opportunities to improve in smaller increments


  • Interactive, creates an informal setting for team members to solve business problems
  • Engages employees for process improvement activities
  • Supports a culture of continuous improvement and team development
  • Improves the flow of communication between departments, thus removing silos
  • Builds employee engagement up through involvement and problem solving

Common challenges while working on continuous improvement initiatives

  • Focus only on major initiatives and projects
  • Longer implementation times with limited resources, benefits only realized later
  • Projects started but not completed, changing priorities

Why Kaizen? What kind of issues the Kaizen approach is helping to solve?

  • Solves immediate process and operational issues in a selected, specific process area
  • Supports fixing wrong input which often results in incorrect transaction or process output
  • Reduces waste, inefficiencies, flow and communication issues
  • Increases productivity, and collaboration between departments
  • Interactive, action focused on a selected process area
  • Improves teamwork and morale

I work with your Team to guide them through the Kaizen event workshop from starting process improvements through all the stages of the process. For more information, please download the brochure.

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